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Get 10% off a WP Rocket licence!

As many of you know, caching is a sensitive topic when running a multi-currency, multi-price, or in any way highly dynamic e-commerce. That’s why we worked with the WP Rocket Team to add support for all the Aelia plugins in WP Rocket, while maintaining the top performance that their product provides.

As of version 2.8, WP Rocket supports all our plugins, out of the box, and it’s our recommended commercial caching plugin.

The best news is that now you can get 20% off the price of a WP Rocket licence by using coupon code <coupon expired>. Simply go to, add the licence to your basket, and enter the coupon code at checkout. You will get the best caching plugin on the market, at an even greater price!

Update – June 2017

The original coupon  is now expired. You can now use coupon code aeliacs-10 to get 10% off your WP Rocket licence. 🙂

The Aelia Team

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Advanced WooCommerce Reporting adds native support for multi-currency reports

One of our clients informed us that the popular Advanced WooCommerce Reporting plugin now supports multi-currency setups. Its authors introduced this feature in version 3.0 of their product, which was released at the beginning of October 2016.

This is a fantastic news, as it means that it will be possible to produce advanced reports, with a few clicks, and have a complete overview of how your shop is performing. Make sure that you have a look at the latest version of Advanced WooCommerce Reporting, you can find it on CodeCanyon.

It’s great to see more developers join our efforts to make WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads fully support multi-currency scenarios. We would like to thank Proword (the plugin’s authors), for recognising the importance and relevance of multi-currency shops, and for the work they’ve done in supporting merchants who run these shops. Thanks to them, tracking the performance of worldwide sales has become easier than ever!

The Aelia Team

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Pressidium add native support for Aelia plugins in their caching layer

This week starts with a great news! We have just been informed that Pressidium, a high performance hosting company, can now support Aelia products natively. At a simple request, they can to configure their caching layer to work with all of the WooCommerce plugins we developed.

Thanks to this feature, their dynamic caching will be able to take into account customer’s location, currency and tax settings. Your site will display the correct information to all your visitors, as soon as they land on your site, at a lightning fast speed!

Sounds great? Yes, we think so!

How to get support for Aelia plugins on Pressidium

That couldn’t be easier: if you have your site hosted with Pressidium, simply contact their support team, and ask them to enable support for the Aelia plugin on their caching layer. That would be all!

In the unlikely event in which the support person is not familiar with the setup, you can simply forward them the link to our documentation: Aelia- How to add dynamic caching to your site. They will know what to do to get your site blazing fast.


We are sure that you are as excited as we are about this excellent news. Super fast, multi-currency sites are now at your fingertips!

The Aelia Team

WooCommerce First Data/Authipay Gateway – PHP 7 and minor fixes

First Data/AIB Authipay Gateway for WooCommerce – What’s new

Our First Data/Authipay Gateway has been updated to version This update brings the following improvements and fixes:

  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7. The numeric currency codes in WC_Gateway_FirstData_Connect::$supported_currencies are now text. This will prevent PHP from interpreting them as octal number and raising an “Invalid Literal” error.
  • Fixed bugs that could cause debug messages to interfere with the payment process.

How do I get the new version?

New customers

Simply place your order and you will get the latest version.

Existing customers

You should be able to download the updated file using the link you received with your order. If the link doesn’t work, please contact Support to receive the latest version. Thanks.

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EU VAT rate update – Greece

We have recently been informed that the standard VAT rate for Greece was changed on the 1st June 2016, from 23% to 24%. Some changes were made to reduced VAT rates as well.

We would recommend to take the opportunity to update the VAT rates configured in your system, to make sure that you are using the correct ones.

How to update the tax rates

Updating tax rates is a simple operation:

  1. Go to WordPress Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Tax.
  2. Click on the tax rate you would like to update (e.g. “Standard“), at the top of the page.
  3. Change the rate in the row with the country code “GR” to “24”.
  4. Save the changes.

If you are using our EU VAT Assistant plugin, you can update all EU tax rates with a single click. Simply select the rate type at the bottom of the page and click on Update EU VAT Rates. Make sure that you select the appropriate rates (Standard or Reduced), the plugin will do the rest.

WooCommerce Tax Rates Settings - Screenshot

With our EU VAT Assistant you can update all VAT rates with a single click

Once the operation is completed, review the tax rates, to ensure that they are correct, and click on Save Changes. WooCommerce will now use the new rates.

Quick and easy! 🙂

The Aelia Team

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WooCommerce 2.6 is out – Make sure that your plugins are up to date

WooCommerce 2.6 was released today, 14th June 2016. This update brings several new features, the most remarkable being the introduction of shipping zones, which will make your site more flexible and powerful than ever.

We updated our plugins some weeks ago for compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6, to guarantee compatibility with the latest WooCommerce version on the release date. Please make sure that you update our plugins before installing the new WooCommerce, to ensure that your site will work correctly. This is particularly important if you are using the Shipping Pricing Addon for the Currency Switcher, or the Aelia Currency Switcher itself, which were directly affected.

Should you have any questions, or need assistance, please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Aelia Team