Currency Switcher 2.0 with multiple currency pricing – Beta version is available

WooCommerceCurrencySwitcher_BlogPostAs announced earlier, the Beta version of Currency Switcher 2.0, with support for multiple currency pricing of each product, is now available. As per original schedule, this version has been tested on WooCommerce 2.0.x, thus, while it may be also working on WooCommerce 1.6.x, compatibility is not guaranteed.

How to get the Beta version

New customers

Simply order the Currency Switcher and you will receive two download links:

  • Link to version 1.x, currently stable and supported.
  • Link to version 2.x, currently in Beta and not covered by support.

Existing customers

Please contact Support, quoting your order number and the email address you used to place it. You will be re-sent an order confirmation, which will contain a download link for version 2.0.

Important note about the Beta

Please note that, Beta version is being provided as a preview, for evaluation purposes only, due to the high interest expressed by many visitors. As per Terms and Conditions of sale, Beta versions are not covered by free support. It’s therefore recommended not to use Beta versions in production.


I would like to thank all the customers  and readers who contributed their ideas towards the improvement of the Currency Switcher for WooCommerce, your feedback is greatly appreciated. I will endeavour to continue providing the best possible service, and expand the product selection in the near future. Thank you all for your support.


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