Currency Switcher for WooCommerce – GeoIP feature to be rewritten

In the past days, a few Users reported poor performance on their websites when they used the Currency Switcher plugin with the GeoIP feature enabled. After an in-depth investigation, the culprit seems to be the fact that, in some circumstances, the remote service used to provide live IP-to-Geolocation takes a long time to respond (sometimes, up to 10 seconds). This, of course, has an impact on the Currency Switcher plugin and on the website where it is running.

The Solution

To prevent this issue from occurring in the future, I’m going to rewrite the code that provides the GeoIP functionality, so that it won’t have to rely on an external website anymore. This will bring a performance improvement and ensure a consistent experience.

I will give this task a high priority, to make sure that a new version can be released soon. Meanwhile, if you experience a slowdown on your website, please disable the GeoIP feature and see if the situation improves. If not, please contact Support using the link on the top left of this page. Thanks.

Update – 15/07/2013

GeoIP feature rewrite is complete and a new version of the plugin has been released.

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    • diego says:

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