EU VAT Assistant for WooCommerce updated to version

EU VAT Assistant for WooCommerce – What’s new

EU VAT Assistant for WooCommerce has been updated to version This update brings the following improvements and fixes:

  • Added possibility to make the EU VAT Number field optional, required, required for EU countries or hidden. This feature will make it possible to accept only B2B or B2C sales.
  • Added exchange rates provider for Danish National Bank exhange rates feed.
  • Improved checks on of VAT validation responses. The new validation logic will prevent issues caused by corrupt cached responses.
  • Improved EU VAT by Country report. The report now loads VAT refunds dynamically.
  • Added recording, against each order, of the timestamp and provider of the VAT currency exchange rate used for reporting. These details will be useful in case of audit, to prove why a specific exchange rate was used.
  • Optimised loading of JavaScript parameters for Tax Settings admin pages.
  • Improved validation of VAT rates to be used on WooCommerce > Tax settings page.
  • Reorganised Admin user interface to make it tidier and more intuitive.
  • Fixed bug in VAT Number validation. The bug caused validation to fail when “odd” characters were returned by VIES service
  • Fixed incorrect reference to plugin class.
    Fixed bug in range calculation.
  • Fixed bug in handling of VIES response containing non-Latin UTF-8 characters
  • Fixed bug in handling of VAT rates for Isle of Man and Monaco

How to get the latest version

You can download the latest version of the EU VAT Assistant from the WordPress repository.

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