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Important notes about WooCommerce 2.2

WooCommerce 2.2 is coming

WooThemes has recently announced that WooCoomerce 2.2 will be released this Autumn, which will introduces more breaking changes. Based on the press release, their impact should not cause the plethora of issues that WooCommerce 2.1 introduced when it first came out, but we recommend not to upgrade to WooCommerce 2.2 if you installed any of our plugins, until we officially declare that they have been tested for compatibility.

What could go wrong with the upgrade?

It’s a known fact that new versions of WooCommerce often introduce changes that break backward compatibility with existing plugins and themes. An important example of this was WooCommerce 2.1, which caused countless conflicts with 3rd party products when it was released.

A similar issue could now happen with the upgrade to WooCommerce 2.2. Based on the official documentation, the breaking changes should only affect the reports. However, we will be sure only when WooCommerce 2.2 becomes the official version. At the moment, it’s still in development and it may change without notice.

Our opinion

We believe that backward compatibility should always be maintained, even between major releases. In fact, we guarantee backward compatibility for all our products, unless explicitly stated. We already contacted WooThemes to discuss this aspect in the past, unfortunately without much success. However, we will insist on this point and, hopefully, our efforts will make future WooCommerce upgrades smoother.


  • Please note that we will not be able to give support for issues related to WooCommerce 2.2 unless the products you use have been explicitly declared compatible with such version on the product page.
  • If you want to upgrade to WooCommerce 2.2 anyway, please make sure that you take a full backup of your site before doing so. This will allow you to restore your site to an working state, should any issue occur after the upgrade.

Thanks for reading,

The Aelia Team


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