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Increase conversion by accepting local payment methods with WooStripe

Our mission, at Aelia, is to help merchants reach an international audience. Our WooCommerce Currency Switcher for and Prices by Country for WooCommerce solutions have become invaluable tools for tens of thousands of shop owners, who can now extend their customer base to more countries than ever, by accepting payments in multiple currencies, and by tailoring the prices to specific audiences.

Of course, while reaching a larger, international audience is the first, important step to grow a business, closing sales is just as important. As a merchants, you would surely like to turn our visitors into happy customers!

Increase conversion at checkout, by offering more payment options

Statistics show that up one of the key reasons why prospective customers drop a purchase at checkout is due to concerns about payment. The lack of a familiar payment method is the reason behind up to 59% of payment-related cart abandonment (source: This is due to a natural defence mechanism we all possess: we trust what we are familiar with.

We all like to feel safe, and safety is often represented by what we already know. This applies to online shopping too: customers feel safe when they deal with something they already know and trust. When we look at paying online, this means that, despite all the safety provided by payment methods like credit card and PayPal, a large percentage of customers might not feel safe enough to use them. Offering your customers the payment options with which they are more familiar can help increasing conversion.

The challenge

Until today, offering more payment options involved opening a merchant accounts with each payment provider, install and configure a payment plugin on your site and keep track of sales and refunds on each separate account. Managing many different payment accounts could take a significant amount of effort, and the additional administrative work could deny the benefit derived from the increased conversion. After all, the target is to get more happy customers, not more paperwork.

The solution: WooStripe

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Our colleagues at WooStripe developed a powerful solution to allow you to offer new payment options to your customers. It consists of a suite of payment gateways, leveraging the robust payment service provided by Stripe, and it’s quick and easy to set up.

The WooStripe solution supports the following payment methods:

  • SOFORT (a Klarna service) – The most popular payment gateway in Germany.
  • Giropay – The third most popular payment method in Germany.
  • Bancontact – The most popular payment method in Belgium.
  • iDEAL – The most popular payment method in Netherlands.
  • SEPA Direct Debit – Available to anyone with a European bank account.
  • AliPay – China’s most frequently used payment method.
  • Przelewy24 – Most popular online payment method in Poland.
  • WeChat Pay – Popular in Asia.

WooStripe also supports 3D Secure. It’s an additional layer of authentication that can protect you from fraudulent card payments.

How easy is it to use WooStripe?

Installing and configuring WooStripe takes just a few steps and a couple of minutes:

  1. Install the WooStripe plugin.
  2. Enable the payment methods you wish to accept on your Stripe account.
  3. Enable the corresponding payment options in your WooCommerce settings.

After those three simple steps, your new payment methods will appear automatically at checkout (just remember to enable them in the Currency Switcher settings too!), and Stripe will store the payments received through them in your Stripe account. It couldn’t be easier!

Ready to increase your conversion rate?

That’s great to hear! To get started, just go to the WooStripe website to get the payment plugin they developed. You can choose between purchasing individual payment methods, or the whole suite. In this second case, you will get all the options listed earlier, with a single purchase. After downloading the plugin, follow the installation instructions on the WooStripe site to configure your shop, and you will be ready to go.

Should you have any questions about WooStripe, we encourage you to contact their friendly support team. They will be happy to assist you with any query you might have.

We also have a surprise!

Thanks to our partnership with WooStripe, we are able to offer you a great discount on the purchase of their new product. Just use coupon code AELIA at checkout to get 20% off your order!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy this great new service from WooStripe!

The Aelia Team

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