Mijireh Multi-Currency Gateway for WooCommerce is now available

We are happy to announce that we just released a brand new product, the Mijireh Multi-Currency Gateway for WooCommerce.

The Mijireh Multi-Currency Gateway plugin integrates with our acclaimed Currency Switcher plugin, and allows to bypass the “one currency” restriction imposed by Mijireh Architecture. It works by adding support for multiple Mijireh stores on a single WooCommerce shop, and by directing order payments to the appropriate store, depending on the currency in which the payment is completed.

How easy is it to manage?

The plugin has been designed to be as simple as possible. It just needs the Mijireh API key for each of the stores to be used, then it will automatically direct payments to the correct accounts.

For convenience, we added detailed  installation instructions in our knowledge base: Multi-currency Mijireh gateway – Installation instructions. They cover all the steps, from the creation of the stores to the configuration of the plugin itself.

What are the requirements?

The plugin requirements are pretty standard:

Sounds like a good product! The price?

The Mijireh Multi-Currency Gateway plugin will have a price tag of 35 US Dollars. To celebrate its launch, we are currently offering it completely free of charge!

Go to the product page for more details, and to get yours now!


Enjoy yet one more of our great products!


The Aelia Team

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