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Prices by Country plugin will support selective availability

Selective availability for products is coming!

We are extending our Prices by Country plugin for WooCommerce so that it will allow to make products unavailable for specific region. This new feature will finally allow shop owners to make some products available only to specific countries, while still allowing customers to buy other ones.

A creative use of this feature would be the creation of split and mixed catalogues. For example, a shop could be configured as follows:

  • Product A, B, and C available to Europe.
  • Product X, Y and Z available to the US and Canada.
  • Product Common1, Common2 and Common3 available to all regions.

With such setup, visitors from Europe will see all Common products and products A, B and C, while visitors from the US and Canada would see all Common products and products X, Y and Z.

Another use of such feature would be restricting the sale of some products to customers within the European union, to avoid having to deal with the new EU VAT MOSS regulations. Simply configure a region containing all EU countries (except your own, if you live in the EU) and customers from the EU won’t be able to purchase the “unavailable” products. Of course, if you would rather become fully compliant, our free, premium WooCommerce EU VAT Assistant plugin can help!

Sneak peek

The selective availability feature is still in active development, but here are a few preview screenshots to give you an idea of how it will work:

I can’t wait to use the feature! What’s the progress?

The feature is now working correctly for simple products, and we will have to implement it for variable products. We hope to release it officially by the 15th of January. Of course, feedback and suggestions are always welcome! If you would like to drop us a line, please feel free to contact us.

The Aelia Team

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