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Prices by Country for WooCommerce hits RC1!

Our Prices by Country plugin is now in Release Candidate phase

Thanks to the experience earned with the development of our Currency Switcher for WooCommerce, we managed to implement support of prices by country for variable products. Variable products are some of the most complex to handle, and we had to run extensive tests to make sure that the product pricing logic is robust and consistent. It looks like we finally made it!

We had hoped to reach this beta stage last Saturday, but we got delayed after moving office. We also encountered some difficulties in making the plugin work both with and without the Currency Switcher, but we finally solved them.

What’s the progress?

The Prices by Country plugin reached version It currently supports simple products and variable products and it’s fully integrated with our Currency Switcher. For both product types is now possible to enter prices in multiple currencies, for multiple countries, and have the system pick the appropriate one seamlessly!

Preview screenshots

Here you can find the screenshots of the administration user interface for variable products. The space provided by WooCommerce UI is a bit limited, but we think we manage to create an intuitive interface anyway. Here you can see some screenshots of the user interface to configure multiple prices for variable products:

What’s next?

Our next milestone will be adding support for grouped and external products. These features will mark RC2 phase of the plugin, which will then become available to the early adopters who expressed interest in helping us improving it before its public release.

Can I get early access to the product?

If you wish to get early access to the Prices by Country plugin, please contact us. We will take note of your interest and offer you a substantial discount on the product when the first stable version will become available.

Thanks for reading, see you soon with more great news!

The Aelia Team

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