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Prices by Country for WooCommerce – Status update

Two months ago today, we announced that we started working on a Prices by Country plugin for WooCommerce (yes, the name changed slightly, from “pricing” to “prices”). We had made a good progress, but we were delayed by the release of other products, such as the First Data/Authipay gateway, the Mijireh multi-currency gateway and the PayPal multi-account gateway. The early release of WooCommerce 2.2 also gave us some work to do, as we had to test all our products, to ensure compatibility with the latest version of the shopping cart.

We have now resumed working on the Prices by Country plugin, and we are happy to inform you that we already reached the first beta stage.

What’s in current beta of Prices by Country?

In its current version, the Prices by Country supports simple products and it’s fully integrated with our Currency Switcher. By using both plugins, it’s possible to set a product price in multiple currencies, and enter a separate set of prices for different country groups. What’s even better is that you can leave some prices empty for a country group, if you wish, and they will be automatically populated using the base prices. If you use multiple currencies, conversion will also be automatic. Full integration, full flexibility!

Preview screenshots

We modified the Administration interface since last update, and implemented a new, cleaner layout. You can see a few screenshots below.

What’s next?

Our next milestone will be adding support for variable products. Due to their flexibility, they require a different approach, as well as a different interface. We are currently experimenting different solutions to see which one would be the most efficient and user friendly. Of course, the Prices by Country plugin will fully support multi-currency prices for variations, too!

When is the plugin due to be released?

We plan to hit the second beta stage by the end of next week (ending on the 24/10/2014), but, with a bit of luck, we could be able to reach it ahead of schedule. We cannot make an official commitment at this stage, as we are still in the middle of development.

Can I get early access to the product?

If you wish to get early access to the Prices by Country plugin, please contact us. We will take note of your interest and offer you a substantial discount on the product when the first stable version will become available.

Thanks for reading, see you soon with more great news!

The Aelia Team

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