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Benefits of the GPL Licence – WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

All of the plugins developed by Aelia for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are licensed under GPL, as required by the WordPress licence. This grants you great flexibility in how you can use our products. Below you can find a summary of what you get with each licence you purchase.

1. Installations

The GPL licence, which covers all of our WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugin, grants you the right to install the Aelia plugins on as many sites as you like. Just upload, activate and configure the plugins, and you will be ready to go.

Note: although some plugins might prompt you to enter an activation key to avail of support and auto-updates (see below), they will be fully functional from the moment you install and configure them, even without entering a licence key.

2. Support

Each licence grants you access to our support system for a specific number of sites. Due to the cost we sustain to run a fast and high quality support service, we can provide support for one standalone site per licence. We might also offer volume licences, covering more than one site, in which case our support service will cover the number of sites specified by the licence. For a more detailed breakdown of what the support covers, please refer to our terms and conditions of sale and support.

3. Automatic updates

Automatic updates, where available, are part of our support service, and subject to the same terms. When a product you buy comes with a licence key, you can use such key to activate the support and auto-update service on a specific site. Each key can be used for the number of sites covered by the licence (usually one site per licence, unless a volume licence is available).

Note: regardless of how many licences you purchase, you will always be able to install new versions of our plugins manually, on as many sites as you like, as explained in our knowledge base.

Should you have any questions about our products, services, and the benefits you receive by purchasing a licence for our WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download plugins, please feel free to contact us. Our Support Team will be ready to help you.


Thanks for your interest in our products. We are looking forward to offer you our products and services, joining our large community of happy customers!


The Aelia Team