Subscriptions integration (Beta) for Currency Switcher is now available

Subscriptions integration for Currency Switcher is now available for download, free of charge. This new add-on extends the Currency Switcher, adding automatic conversion for subscriptions. Installation is as easy as uploading the plugin and activating it, then subscription conversion will be handled automatically.


This plugin is still in Beta and it may contain bugs, we do not recommend to use it in a production site yet. Also, the plugin has the following limitations:

  • It doesn’t yet allow manual pricing for subscriptions. Prices are converted only using the exchange rates configured in Currency Switcher Options page.
  • It support only simple subscriptions. Support for variable subscription is being implemented.

Before installing it, please make sure that you read the requirements on the product page, as the latest versions of both the Currency Switcher and the Subscriptions plugins are needed for it to work correctly.

You can download the plugin from the product pagefree of charge. Support can be purchased separately.

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