Mijireh Multi-Currency Gateway for WooCommerce is now available

We are happy to announce that we just released a brand new product, the Mijireh Multi-Currency Gateway for WooCommerce.

The Mijireh Multi-Currency Gateway plugin integrates with our acclaimed Currency Switcher plugin, and allows to bypass the “one currency” restriction imposed by Mijireh Architecture. It works by adding support for multiple Mijireh stores on a single WooCommerce shop, and by directing order payments to the appropriate store, depending on the currency in which the payment is completed. Read more

A new product is coming – Prices by Country for WooCommerce

Our team is at it again. After releasing the Shipping Pricing for WooCommerce, which allows to specify shipping prices in multiple currencies, for multiple countries, we are now working on a new product.

Prices by Country for Woocommerce

This new plugin will allow you to charge difference prices to customers from different countries or geographic areas, and it will include full support the Currency Switcher. Using both, you will be able to charge different prices, depending on combinations of country and currency, with support for automatic geolocation resolution.

The plugin development just started today, but we already made good progress in laying the foundation of the plugin and in designing the user interface. Below you can find some “sneak peek” screenshots of the pages we have been working on so far:

We don’t have an estimate delivery date, but we should be able to release a Beta version of our product soon enough. See you soon with more great news!

The Aelia Team