Support closure for Bank Holiday

Support dept will be closed on 3rd of June 2013, as it is a Bank Holiday in Ireland. Any query received that day will be dealt with on Tuesday, 4th of June 2013.

Awards Plugin for Vanilla Forums is now available!

You can buy it from Awards Plugin page.

The Awards (Badges) Plugin for Vanilla Forums is now available. RC1 phase has been completed, and the plugin is available for use on  your Production websites. Great care has been taken in testing it in multiple environments and configurations, and you can finally introduce Badges to your Community based on self-hosted Vanilla Forums.

As usual, plugin comes with professional support and a full year of free upgrades. To celebrate the release, plugin is now on sale for a limited time. Grab your licence before the special offer expires!

Awards/Badges for Vanilla Forums (RC1) is available!

You can buy it from Awards Plugin page.

It took longer than I thought, but the Badges/Awards Plugin for Vanilla Forums 2.0 is now in RC1 stage. This means that Beta testing phase was completed for the existing features, and the plugin is now ready. Latest version includes many bug fixes, an improved User Interface and the ability of exporting and importing Awards and related data with just a few clicks. Also, plugin comes with a set of pre-configured Awards and Classes, to help you getting started with your Community. To view a full list of plugin’s current and upcoming features, please visit the Awards Plugin page in the shop.

More good news: Release Discount!

To celebrate this important release, you can avail of 10% discount on the regular price by using the coupon code awds-10-0513. The code is valid for the first ten orders of the plugin, and it expires on the 15/05/2013, so make sure you get your licence quickly!

Some screenshots

As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are some screenshots from latest version, showing some of plugin’s great features. The target was to make something that looked great and worked great, and I think we got it!

Awards/Badges for Vanilla Forums (Preview Release) has been released!

Kind of a late update, as the Preview Release was distributed on 07/04/2013 to the Users who registered their interest in becoming early adopters. Just a couple of days passed, and I already received tons of valuable feedback from them. The response, so far, has been enthusiastic, and I’m working to make the Awards Plugin even better.

What’s next?

Next release will be ready soon, with several bug fixes and new features, one of which will be the ability of importing and exporting Awards/Badges and Award Classes in a couple of clicks. This will introduce the possibility of creating Awards sets that can be shared with other Vanilla Forums owners.

Also, the Awards plugin is just the first step in the creation of a complete Reputation Management System for Vanilla Forums, which will include highly sought after features, such as Reactions and Ranks (currently in development).

The date of the Preview Release 2 will be announced soon, so keep an eye on our site!

Vanilla Badges – Update

Due to an issue beyond my control, I could not meet the deadline for Preview Release for Vanilla Awards (Badges). The release is now scheduled after Easter, on 06/04/2013.

I will use the additional time to fix some issues I found and to add some more features to the plugin. One of them, the Awards Leaderboard is complete (screenshot below).

I would like to thank all the readers who registered for the Preview Release and apologies for the delay. I wish all of you a great Easter!

Awards Leaderboard screenshot

Awards - Leaderboard

Vanilla Badges Plugin – New preview images

As we are getting closer to the pre-release, I finally have some time to adjust the look and feel of the (many) User Interfaces of the plugin. I took a couple more screenshots and added them to the gallery in the original announcement. Feel free to have a look, any feedback is welcome!