Upcoming addon – Shipping Pricing for Currency Switcher

We are delighted to inform you that we are currently working on a new addon for our acclaimed WooCommerce Currency Switcher, which will allow to set shipping pricing manually, for each currency, rather than having them calculated using exchange rates.

With such integration, you will be able to configure a full set of shipping rates for each currency, and have them applied automatically, based on the selected currency. This new plugin will become available soon, and it will initially support the shipping methods included with WooCommerce. We are also planning to add support for the Table Rate Shipping plugin, by developer BolderElements, in a future release.

The Shipping Pricing plugin will make the WooCommerce Currency Switcher even better, and it will become the most comprehensive multi-currency solution on the market.  See you soon for the release!

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    • diego says:

      Hi Kevin,
      We are planning to make the plugin available by the end of the week, initially supporting the shipping methods included in WooCommerce. Should difficulties arise, we may postpone it by a couple of days at most. Please just keep in mind that this plugin will be an add-on for our Currency Switcher, which will be required for it to work.


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