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WooCommerce 3.1 is coming – The Aelia plugins are ready

The WooCommerce team recently released WooCommerce 3.1 Release Candidate 1. As they wrote, this means that they should be ready to release the final 3.1 version very soon. The planned release date for WooCommerce 3.1 is the 28th June 2017.

What you should do before updating WooCommerce

If you are running WooCommerce 3.0.x, then you should be able to upgrade it to version 3.1 quite easily. Version 3.1 is a minor update, which should be fully backward compatible.

If you are still running WooCommerce 2.6, or even if you just like to “play safe” (which never hurts), you can follow the step by step guide we sent some time ago via our newsletter. The guide describes our recommended way of upgrading WooCommerce. You can find the guide below, for your convenience.

The core idea behind this guide is not to update your live site directly, but test the upgrade on a staging copy of the site first. Here are a few simple steps that will help you with the task:

  1. Take a full backup of the live site.
    Tip: if you don’t have a strategy for automated backups, we would strongly recommend to prepare one as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.
  2. Ensure that the backup is usable and ready to be restored in case of emergency.
  3. Create a copy of your site on a staging/test server. Work only on the test copy.
  4. Update all the plugins, except WooCommerce, to the latest versions.
    Note: some updates might not appear in the WordPress Plugins page. You can always get the latest versions of the Aelia plugins from the My Account section on our site.
  5. Update your theme to the latest version.
  6. Update WooCommerce.
  7. Test the site extensively, to ensure that all the plugins you are running, as well as your theme, are compatible with WooCommerce 3.1.
  8. If you spot any issue, contact the authors of the affected plugin or theme before updating the live site.
  9. Apply any fix provided by plugin authors and repeat the testing from step #7.

When you are comfortable that the test site is working correctly, you can repeat the above steps on the live site.

Compatibility status of the Aelia plugins

Based on the tests we conducted so far, all of our plugins are currently compatible with WooCommerce 3.1.x. We will keep testing them as updates for the new version are released, to ensure maximum compatibility.

Of course, should you encounter any issue, please report it, and we will look into it as soon as possible.

If you don’t receive an update notification in your WordPress Admin Panel about the Aelia plugins, we recommend you to follow our our site, our Twitter account or our Facebook page, as we will announce the new releases there. You will then be able to download them from our site, or from the download link you received with your email.

Need assistance, or have any questions?

Should you need assistance, or have any questions about our plugins and how to update them before installing WooCommerce 3.1, please get in touch. We will get back to you as soon as possible, with the information you need.

Thanks for your time, and have a great weekend!


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