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WooCommerce Currency Switcher – Support for Composite Products

Following multiple requests from our customers, we have been working with the developers of the Bundles and Composite Products plugins to introduce full compatibility with our Currency Switcher for WooCommerce.

Support for bundles is currently provided by our free Bundles Integration Addon, which will work as a temporary solution while SomewhereWarm, the authors of the Bundles plugin, update their product. It may take a while before the same features are ported to the Composite Products plugin, therefore we decided to start testing that plugin in our environment, to determine which features should be added to make it support our Currency Switcher.

Composite Products – Compatibility Status

Our tests, performed with the Composite Products 3.6.4, indicated that the plugin is already quite compatible with our Currency Switcher. You can find more details below:

Products with per-item pricing

  • The prices of components are converted correctly. The conversion is performed on each component individually, before its price is used, and each component uses its currency-specific prices, where applicable.
  • Product’s base prices (regular and sale) are not yet converted. These values have been introduced recently, and they will have to be passed to the conversion functions.

Products with simple pricing

  • The price of the composite product is converted correctly, using exchange rates.
  • The prices in each currency are not saved, as the product requires a special processing for that purpose.

What’s next

We are going to run more tests and give the authors of the Composite Products plugin the information required to address the issues reported above.

Should we find out that it could take too long, we will try to write an addon, like the one we wrote for the Bundles plugin, as a temporary solution. If you would like to be informed when the addon is released, or you would like to contribute to its development, please feel free to contact us, and we will send you more details.

Update – 4th May 2016

The Composite Products Integration is now available, free of charge!

The Aelia Team

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