WooCommerce Currency Switcher – Improved Bundles support

WooCommerce Currency Switcher – What’s new

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce has been updated to version This update brings the following improvements and fixes:

  • Moved integration with Bundles plugin to an external addon. We started removing all built-in integrations from the Currency Switcher, and we will soon distribute them as separate addons. This operation has several purposes:
    • Make the main plugin lighter, by removing all non-core features. Customers who still need the integration can use the new addons, as required.
    • Highlight that we provide those integrations as a temporary solution. Developers of the 3rd party plugins should make their products multi-currency aware, as that is a simple. By having a separate, independent addon, 3rd party developers will be able to inspect our code more easily, focusing only on what refers to their products, and import our integration in the main release of their plugin.
  • Extended WC_Aelia_CurrencyPrices_Manager::convert_product_price_from_base(). The method now accepts a product and a price type, which are passed to the wc_aelia_cs_convert_product_price filter. The new information will make it easier for hooks to determine the context in which the filter runs, and take appropriate action.
  • Fixed rendering of prices for grouped products in the frontend. The prices for grouped products are now displayed correctly in WooCommerce 2.3 and later.
  • Fixed currency code for Bulgarian Lev. The Currency Switcher used code “BGL”, which is incorrect. The code has now been replaced by “BGN”.
  • Optimised performance of currency prices manager. Added caching of base currency.

How to get latest version

New customers

Simply place your order and you will get the latest version.

Existing customers

You should be able to download the updated file using the link you received with your order. If the link doesn’t work, please contact Support to receive the latest version. Thanks.

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