See you at the WooCommerce Meetup!

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Aelia’s founder, Diego Zanella, will be the guest speaker at the Dublin WooCommerce Meetup on the 11th November. The topic of the meetup will be “Secrets of a WordPress Plugin Developer”. Our founder will go through the process we follow to create our solutions, from the conception to the support of the finished product.

In this meeting, you will learn:

  • What is a plugin, and how it differs from other types of software.
  • How to find ideas for a WordPress plugin.
  • How to develop, test and support your product.
  • What challenges you can expect by becoming a plugin developer
  • And more!

The meetup is kindly organised by Rodolfo, owner of BusinessBloomer, hosted by Realex Payments, and it’s 100% free. In case you are still undecided, there will be free pizza and free drinks (including beer). You won’t find a better deal, you can’t miss it!

The Aelia Team

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