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From WordCamp Vienna to the WordCamp EU, with a thanks to the Elementor Team

The WordCamp Vienna 2022 was amazing

The WordCamp EU 2022 is around the corner. We can’t wait to meet our fellow colleagues in person and share experiences, opinions and suggestions. It will be an amazing event!

On a smaller scale, Vienna held its annual WordCamp a few months ago, on the 23rd of April. In its modesty, it was a successful event, with an excellent attendance. Proof below!

It was great to be able to meet other WordPress professionals in person, in this beautiful city, and listen to the many interesting talks by the participating speakers.

We got a surprise, thanks to Elementor

During the WordCamp, we met the Elementor Team, who invited us to participate to a raffle to win a subscription to their Elementor Cloud solution. I (Diego Zanella, Aelia’s founder) am not very lucky, and I rarely won anything. This time, I listened to the kind words of Angel Zinsel and I decide to give it ago. When the time came to call the winners, I was surprised to hear my name as the last one called. I honestly thought I heard it wrong, but my daughter “woke me up”. With a surprised face, hidden by the usual Covid mask, I walked on stage to collect my prize.

In case anyone wonders, I’m the one on the far right, with the concealed, confused face. 😅

I would like to personally thank the Elementor Team for the opportunity, the fun (and somewhat embarrassing) time and, of course, for the free licence for the Elementor Cloud. It will be useful to test future integrations and extend our solutions for maximum compatibility. 👍

Are you coming to the WordCamp EU 2022? Get in touch!

If you’re participating to the WordCamp EU 2022, please drop us a line: You can meet Diego in all its “splendor” (LOL 😆) and chat about opportunities, experiences, and find the answer to life, to the universe and everything (spoiler: it’s 42). See you in Porto!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Wien

Diego Zanella 

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