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WP Rocket now supports Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

We have just been informed that WP Rocket 2.7 was released on the 11th March. Amongst the many improvements, in this version the WP Media team added native support for our Currency Switcher. That’s right: you can now use WP Rocket with our leading multi-currency solution, and our other WooCommerce plugins, out of the box, and there is no configuration required. They will simply work together.

WP Rocket + Aelia Currency Switcher = Lightning fast multi-currency shops

Praised by many as one of the best caching plugins on the market, in terms of speed and ease of use, WP Rocket is now an excellent choice for all the merchants who need to run busy, multi-currency WooCommerce shops and need top performance.

Thanks to its zero-configuration, smart integration, WP Rocket will detect our Currency Switcher for WooCommerce, automatically adjust its caching strategy to support multiple currencies, and serve the correct content to all visitors.

As added bonuses, WP Rocket now supports the additional features added by the Aelia plugins:

  • Geolocation
    Our products use a geolocation mechanism that we introduced long before the WC team introduced it in WooCommerce. Our solution is cache-friendly and provides better performance than the official one.
  • Prices by Country
    Customers will see the correct prices, prepared by our plugin depending on customer’s country.
  • Tax Display by Country
    Customers will  see prices including or excluding taxes, depending on customer’s country.

All the above, and more, is now available together with all the benefits of the powerful caching provided by WP Rocket.

Improving WooCommerce, together

This is the beginning of a new partnership between Aelia and WP Media. By combining the flexibility offered by our products and the performance provided by WP Rocket, we will bring the global market as close to you as possible, and expand your audience to its maximum potential.

As usual, be ready for more great news, coming soon!

The Aelia Team

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  1. worldsdream says:

    Congratulations. This is the real deal. Working together to make it better for customers. Keep it up.

  2. Osvaldo says:

    Do I need to select geolocate with caching support on woocomerce->settings??, it does matter any option there??, off?, geolocate?, customer address ?


    • diego says:

      Hi Osvaldo,
      With WP Rocket you don’t need to enable the caching “support” in WooCommerce settings. That plugin already takes into account the active country and currency and serves the appropriate content. You can leave the setting to just “geolocate” or “shop’s base address”.


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