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The XAdapter UPS Shipping now supports our Aelia Currency Switcher

Using XAdapter UPS Shipping plugin with Aelia Currency Switcher

The XAdapter Team has recently updates their UPS Shipping plugin, adding native support for our WooCommerce Currency Switcher. Thanks to this new integration, now you can easily add UPS delivery services to your multi-currency site, with a few simple steps.

Getting started

Adding the XAdapter UPS Shipping plugin to your multi-currency site is easy. The following steps will get you ready in a few minutes:

  1. Install and configure the Aelia Currency Switcher. Our installation guide can help you configuring the plugin: Aelia Currency Switcher – Getting Started.
  2. In WooCommerce > Currency Switcher > Geolocation page, enable the Geolocation option. This setting will automatically select the currency based on visitor’s location.
  3. Install the UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label. If you already have that plugin installed, make sure that you are running version 3.9.13 or newer.
  4. Configure the UPS plugin, following the documentation provided by XAdapter.
  5. Verify that the UPS plugin works, by simulating the purchase process. Add an item to the cart and reach the checkout page. There, you will see the UPS Shipping rates, which will be in the active currency.

Done! Your customers will be able to select one of the UPS delivery options at checkout and see the correct rates in the currency used at checkout.

Should you have any questions about using the UPS Shipping with our Currency Switcher, please contact the XAdapter Support Team. They will be happy to assist you in configuring their shipping plugin on your site.

Thanks again for reading, and have a great day!

The Aelia Team

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